I wonder how many people are aware of the pollution problem at Jordan Lake.  Scientists first identified pollution problems around 1995 and they have only gotten worse since then.  Jordan Lake is not just for recreational use.  The lake provides clean drinking water to more than 120,000 Wake, Durham and Chatham County residents.  In addition, growth and development are taking their toll.

Environment North Carolina is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. They are working to win real results for Jordan Lake and to set the stage for how other lakes across the state will be restored.

When cities discharge treated sewage into the lake, it causes excessive algae, increases the cost of drinking water and threatens the lake’s ability to sustain fish and swimming for years to come.  It’s also up to the boaters and other recreational users to clean up after themselves when leaving the Lake.

We can all be happy if we work together.  Development can still take place if the proper measures are in place to control runoff and sewage pollution.

I have been kayaking on Jordan Lake for several years.  I would much prefer kayaking in a clean body of water as opposed to a polluted one.  Wouldn’t you?

Looking forward to kayaking on Jordan Lake very soon.  How many more days until summer?