Do you watch HGTV? Annalisa Burgos of HGTV's and Masha Halpern of Keller Williams Realty both suggest these tips to sell your home in the fall:

Be competitive-price your home 5-15% below comparable homes on the market.  In this tough economic climate, you want your home to stand out in some way. 

Fall is a hard time of year to maintain your home but it's also a beautiful time of year. Make sure your yard is clear of leaves, clean out your gutters, and touch up paint.  A few simples maintenance tips can go a long way.

Buyers like a bargain, don't be discouraged by low-ball offers. Look at it as an opportunity to negotiate. I live by the quote: "Don't take anything personally."   If you don't want to come down on price, offer to pay for closing costs or repairs.

Most of all, be patient. Your house will sell, it just will take more time.

Has your home been on the market for a while? What are you doing now to help it sell faster that you didnt do before? Share your tips!