Celebrate Earth Day!

There's many different ways to celebrate the planet we call home, but here's seven ideas to get you started.

7. Update your lightbulbs to the energy-saving fluorescent kind. Put even your lamps to work for the cause of preserving the environment. The earth - and your energy bill - will be thanking you.

6. Abstain from driving. Vehicles are one of the biggest sources of pollution. So grab your bikes and say yes to exercise!

5. Forego bathtime. This one may sound entirely too gross to attempt, but considering the amount of water wasted in just a ten minute shower (approximately 50 gallons), it won't hurt you to skip this part of your daily routine. Besides, a daily bath is a comfort, not a necessity to your health.

4. Pay bills online. There's a good explanation for this one. Paying bills online = saving paper. Saving paper = saving trees. Saving trees = keeping our earth healthy and beautiful!

3. Adopt a highway, park, stream or beach. Pack a picnic and join forces with family and friends and make a day out of cleaning up and revitalizing your adopted area!

2. Start a compost pile. Instead of trashing those unwanted banana peels, coffee grounds and paper towels, put them in a compost bin to create natural fertilizer for outdoor spaces!

1. Plant a tree. Planting a tree is one of the most popular ways to celebrate Earth Day. Year after year you can watch the tree grow and be reminded of how incredible our planet truly is to sustain the life of this tree... and you!

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