When it comes to places to retire, for many Florida comes to mind. But for the 1st time ever, the Carolinas have become the #1 retirement choice for Baby Boomers according to newly released “2010 Baby Boomer Survey” conducted by Del Webb. This is a sign of how the Boomer generation is making their lifestyle choices and planning for their retirement.

Though Florida and Arizona still remain high on the list of retirement choices, the Carolinas have have moved up on the list as the preferred destination for retirement. Both the younger and older Baby Boomers ranked either South or North Carolina first as their favored location in retirement and indicated the other Carolina ranking as their second choice.

Baby Boomers are not only the current and upcoming generation of retirees but their numbers are huge. This year alone in America there are 3300 people per day turning 65. Next year the Boomer Wave triples this number: 10,000 people per day turning 65! 

This generation has spoken and they have decided on where they want to spend their golden years after many decades of hard work. What better place to be for the best beaches, award wining golf and so many other recreational activites and to call home!

 If you are planning to retire in the Carolina's we would love to know where! Share your comments!