The Global Elementary Model United Nations was held on May 14 and 15th, 2010 in Dallas Texas.  This event is held for elementary and middle school students who take on the different roles of delegates to the United Nations.  This event has been held since 1990 it provides these young students to broaden their educational experiences.  They have the opportunity to learn about other countries people and their cultures along with the utility to gain an understanding about how these countries interact.  This in itself provides the opportunity for many awesome achievements.
There is a lot of preparation that students do before the conference.  Students who are participating from each school are assigned a particular country.  Throughout the school year, they are involved in preparing themselves for the United Nations event.  They have to do research to begin to understand all of the facets of their assigned country.  The purpose of the project is to give the students a better understanding about how the UN really works and the information is relevant to today's global environment.  Once they arrived at the conference, they perform the various roles of delegates at the UN.  Relevant topics are debated and discussed.  This model UN even includes the entire delegation voting on numerous referendums.  For individuals or schools to score points, they must convince their fellow participants to vote for their particular agenda.

Some of the awesome achievements include three students from the Duke School delegation.  Noah Mlyn, Ethan Fox and Joseph McGuire , each one the best delegate and peace prize awards.  These are prestigious awards and was based on their ability to get their resolutions passed.  The additional members of this team include Zack Balleisen, Aliza Gersing, Caroline Manson, Claudia Sollee, Issac Lutz, Jose Lopez, Joshua McClain, Zain Clapacs, Eli Rice, Nancy Sullivan, Kevin Quinn, Miranda Turner and Nadia Parashkeovova.  Congratulations go out to all of the delegates who participated and got a chance to learn a little bit more about global issues of today.