Anyone who has had to move to a new home, whether down the street or across the country will know that it can be a highly stressful time, especially when things don't go as smooth as you had planned. When things don't seem to go quite the way you intended you may wonder how can you keep it organized and keep yourself sane.  Here are a few tips to calm the chaos and have a more pleasant move.

Things to Remember:

  • When you are packing remember to MARK THE BOXES.  Some movers do some of the packing for you but if they do, they won't pack certain things. Marking the boxes will make it easier when you arrive at the the home and when you unpack.
  • When you are marking the boxes,be sure to mark the boxes of things that you will need first so these items can be loaded last. Things like kitchen and bathroom supplies need to be more readily available.
  • Be sure to pack a bag or box of the necessary items that you will need on the drive to the new home or when you first arrive.  Remember essential items like medication and personal items.  This way, you don't find yourself struggling to find something you need immediately.
  • Make yourself a folder for everything that concerns the move so that it doesn't get packed or shipped with the things from the house.

Before the truck arrives:

  • Remove all rugs, door and floor mats. Area rugs and the likes will not help the movers protect your floor, they will only get in the way.  Most professional movers have pads that will protect you floor.
  • Be sure all pets are locked in a crate or secure room so they don't escape accidentally.
  •  Disconnect the spring on the screen doors so that they stay open while you are loading process.
  • If the moving company did the packing for you, help by keeping the walkways clear for the driver and crew.

Remember that the “Arrival time” of you household goods is only an estimate.  Things happen that the driver may have no control over and even the best laid plans can have some hiccups. The key is to prepare an plan the best you can and try to enjoy your new home!