You have seen them on television- lawns that are immaculate.  You scan over their green lushness to find their blooming flowers and perfectly pruned hedges and shrubs.  But, what happens then if you don’t have a green thumb, let alone time to fuss with the crab grass and dandelions?  You hire a lawn care maintenance crew! So what do you look for in a lawn care crew? 


How much does this cost?

Lots of companies provide a table or scale for lawn care.  If you don’t already have the tools to maintain a lawn, the start up can be quite expensive.  Call around and get a few quotes and find out what a general fee is like and what they handle.  A good place to start is the Professional Landcare Network.  This is an organization for lawn care, landscapers and other garden professionals.  Get a ballpark figure from them and go from there.  TruGreen offers a free lawn analysis which can give you an idea of what your lawn needs and how much this costs.  This can help you determine what services fit your budget and needs.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors who they use, if you like they way their yard looks. 

What do you want to do?

Some people love to plant their flowers and mulch the beds, but hate the edging and weeding and grass cutting.  Other people would prefer to just forget about it and put the whole lot on someone else’s to do list.  If gardening is therapy for you then don’t be afraid to say all I want is someone to handle the yard.  Be clear about what you are expecting and make sure you understand what they have to offer. 


Be sure to understand what they use on the lawn and what they provide.   Some companies package the whole care, some companies itemize.  While there is a mark-up on the products used by the lawn care professional, that is an industry standard.  After all, they had to shop, buy and store the product before it made it to your lawn.  Be sure to ask what products they will be using, particularly if you are trying to stay “green” while your lawn does the same. 

Other Services

Many lawn companies offer year around services which also include leaf removal and snow removal.  While some residents may not be in need of seasonal services, it doesn’t hurt to find out what services are offered. 

Your lawn is a reflection of your home.  A well maintained yard is like a well maintained roof, it can affect the value of your home and your neighbors homes as well!  Today, everyone has a busy schedule and there may not be enough time to do yard work, so do your research to find a company you feel comfortable with.