This article out of today’s (4/4/12) Wall Street Journal reporting that on average, renting is now more expensive than buying a home that's comparable! 15 % more! Wow! That's a change from what's been reported for the last few years! And a welcome one at that!

Rental increases are due to a lack of inventory of available rentals.  Lower home ownership costs are the result of lower home prices and low mortgage interest rates.  The following article identifies the high/low cities across the country.


Im curious; what are  rental rates where you are? Do you ever wonder what it costs to rent vs own a home? Click here if you are curious to know what choices of homes for sale exist in Chapel Hill, Durham or surrounding communities?

​Often times when families move to new communities friends and family tell them "You should rent first, buy in a year or two." The advice is well-intentioned but it may not make financial sense- especially if you have a Realtor who can give you important data about communities  in Chapel Hill or communities in Durham, to help make the transition easier.  


The tax benefits are really something that homeowners benefit from- so from a financial tax standpoint, it can make sense to buy now. Your financial planner will be able to answer questions specific to your situation. Its worth considering a home in the Southern Part of Heaven! Masha Halpern will be delighted to speak with you about your specific relocation and home purchase or selling plans. ​877-478-4669 Direct Line.