Here are some tips for sellers trying to sell their home:

1) The biggest change in how homes are sold now is the internet. Buyers look at homes online before they visit a home. Good photos capture a buyers interest. Previewing a home on the internet is actually considered a first showing. Therefore, it's really important to have good online pictures for buyers to view.

2) According to Zillow, homes with a manicured lawn and a well maintained fence tend to attract homebuyers.

3) Some sellers want to list their house at a price based on what they paid for it. But if a homeowner wants to sell their home, it should be based on current market conditions, location of the home, neighborhood, condition of the home, and comparables. If possible, "comps" should be homes that have sold within the last 60 days. If there is a lot of competition, or the area you live in doesn't have a lot of turnover, or if your home needs a lot of improvements, you may need to price below your competition.

4) According to Trulia, selling your home as a "for sale by owner" is generally a bad idea. Only an agent can ensure your home has the maximum exposure to the widest range of potential buyers as quickly as possible." According to the National Association of Realtors 2011 Profile of home buyers and sellers, "the typical FSBO homes sold for $150,000 in 2011 compared to $215,000 among agent-assisted home sales."

5) If your home is not selling, research why. A spokesperson from S&P advises, "find out what the major flaws were that pushed buyers away." If you can make a specific change to your home, that can mean the difference between a sale and a home that sits on the market for months. If you cannot make a change (too close to a main road, too noisy), consider reducing your selling price.

6) Last but not least, find the best broker. Ask for recommendations from friends, find out how long they have worked in the area (Masha Halpern-20 years!) and what their track record is for selling homes.

According to, typically a well-maintained home that is priced right will sell. Make sure you make obvious repairs, (i.e. water stains, leaks, doors that creak and windows that do not shut). In a slow real estate market, buyers have less money for renovations, they want homes that are move-in ready. New carpets, new floors and a fresh coat of paint may be the difference between selling your home or not.