Is your your home getting the winter blues? As the colder weather approaches, home owners in North Carolina can do the following maintenance checks to ensure their properties are ready for the winter months.

  • Check the weather stripping along your door and door frame to ensure there are no gaps that can let cold air seep into your home. Also, you may want to add weather stripping or caulk to your windows to prevent any drafts and wasting energy.
  • If you have a fireplace, be sure to sweep out those chimneys. The National Fire Protection Association advises home owners to sweep out the chimney at least once a year to help prevent house fires.
  • Schedule a service for your furnaces at least once a year too. It’ll cost roughly about $100 and can help avoid costly repairs later or a malfunction of carbon monoxide pumping into the home, which can be deadly.
  • Prevent frozen pipes, by using heating tape to wrap any exposed pipes on the home’s exterior and turning off the water as well as draining any water remaining inside the valves.
  • Don't forget the roof! An properly maintained roof is the best weatherproofing you can get and it will greatly reduce your heat costs. Here’s what you should be checking for:
  • All gutters should be fastened securely to the roof
  • Look to make sure the roof is not missing any shingles, tiles, slates or nails
  • Look for any warped or darker areas on the roof
  • If you’ve noticed any problems with the roof, it’s time to call a roofing professional to take a look and assess what needs to be done.

These are practical and affordable tips that will not only keep your your home more safe and comfy in the holidays, but over the long run could improve the resale value of your home.