Between family, pets, and a job, clutter can seem unavoidable and uncontainable. Check out these creative yet practical storage spots to keep clutter from taking over your home. You just might discover your home can hold more than you thought!

Under the Bed
Don’t let this valuable space become a spot for clutter! The area under your bed offers a sizable amount of untapped storage potential that’s easily concealable with a simple bedskirt. Keep extra blankets, off-season clothes, and hobby items out of sight by investing in a few containers. With the ability to roll out and lids that protect from dust and pests, wheeled boxes are a great under-the-bed storage option. For more ways to utilize this convenient space check out this helpful article.

Behind Doors

Whether it’s the door to your closet or your kitchen cabinet, storing items behind doors will significantly optimize your space. Over-the-door pocket holders are often designed for closets to hold shoes, but they have the potential to be used on nearly any door in your home. From the laundry room for cleaning supplies to the pantry for snacks and water bottles, compartmentalized storage containers are extremely versatile and have a short installation time. Also, consider using a combination of hooks and rods to keep your items organized and off the floor.

Furniture with Hidden Spaces
Furniture with hidden spaces like under-the-bed drawers, storage coffee tables and ottomans, or even the space behind framed art, instantly increase storage in any room. These spaces not only hide your magazines, children’s toys and clothing like hats and gloves, they can also serve as attractive and chic pieces that will add sophistication to any room. Don’t forget that adding storage can be decorative and stylish too!

Think Vertically

From the space above your toilet to the ceiling in your garage, wall and ceiling space are often underutilized despite the abundance of storage potential. Mounting over-the-toilet shelving for towels and toiletries or racks to a garage ceiling for storing bikes and other heavy storage are a practical way to declutter. Also, take advantage of empty corners by using floating triangular or wrap-around shelving to make these awkward spaces more functional.

Look Below

Think you’ve exhausted all your storage spaces? Well, think again! Consider elevating your washer and dryer to create more space beneath. Washers and dryers can be mounted onto laundry pedestals to store dirty laundry and laundry products. Here is a helpful article on how to build one yourself. Additionally, if you are searching for more storage in your kitchen, look no further than the baseboards of your cabinets to hold slim drawers. Toe-kick drawers won’t fit bulky or unusually-shaped items, but they are perfect for things like cookie sheets, baking tins, serving platters, and utensils.


Reclaim your spaces by putting these storage ideas to use today!