A recent article in the Daily Tar Heel shows that support and demand for homes that meet strict environmental standards are growing in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area

According to this article, the projected estimated value of green construction starts in the U.S. for 2010 is $60 billion. 10 to 12-percent of non-residential construction starts in 2008 were green. Homes that are 'green' consume 26-percent less energy and emit 33-percent less green house gases.

While the cost of building a green home can be more at first, the savings the homeowner receives in energy costs are going to pay off. Current federal tax rebates are also available to help homeowners offset costs. Benefits to the environment as well as overall health of their families are big pay offs as well.

The article showcases that theChapel Hill-Carrboro area has been highly receptive to incorporating green building into construction. In 2006, the Home Builders Association for Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties was the first branch nationally to hold a “green home” tour as part of the Green Building Initiative, a program started by the national organization.