While you may love your fluffy, 4 legged members of your family, that doesn't mean that prospective buyers will too. Here are some tips for showing and selling your home when you have pets in residence.

  1. Remove your pets from the home during showings – It’s unlikely that you will relocate your pets during the entire season your home is on the market, so at a minimum, make sure that they are not present during open houses or scheduled showings. Take them with you or drop them off at a friend’s house.
  2. Completely remove litter boxes and dog potty pads - These items are unsightly and also have an odor, even if you are used to it. Try to avoid heavy air fresheners – they really serve to compound the problem. Make sure all pet areas are very clean and fresh, not fragrant.
  3. Treat pet stains on carpets and furniture – If home remedies don’t work, have the floors and furniture professionally cleaned.
  4. Replace carpets or furniture that can’t be cleaned – It may seem extreme, but if you are serious about selling your home, especially in a buyer’s market, you have to put your best foot forward. If you clean or replace items and they get damaged again, think about relocating your pets until you get the home sold.
  5. Seal pet doors and pick up pet toys and food dishes – Don’t leave obvious signs of your pet’s habitation in plain view. Chances are that some clues will remain that you have animals, but try not to be too obvious with toys, beds and dishes scattered about.
  6. Crate pets as a last resort – You may have no alternatives but to keep your pets in the home during showings – as a last resort, at least crate your animals and leave a note that they should not be disturbed.

Be understanding – not everyone loves to have animals in their home, and some people are allergic. Respect prospective buyers’ sensitivities by creating a neutral space where your pets and their food and accessories are not in the way of your buyers and agents.

Share any tips you may have for selling your Chapel Hill home with pets!