If you're a homeowner, we invite you to partake in a little experiment. On a day when it's not raining cats and dogs, head outside and walk across the street to look at your home head on. What do you see?

If the answer is, "I see a clean, beautiful home that is ready to welcome any guest, including the Queen of England," this article might not be for you.

But, if your answer is, "I see a home that is overall unappealing with dull colors, clutter and cracks," then stay tuned. The next 8 suggestions could transform your world (and your home's appearance!).

1. Let Your Front Door Sing

Scrub the grime off a dirty door until it shines, or paint it a bold color that pops with enthusiasm! And give door knockers and knobs some TLC too. You'd be surprised how clean a look this will give your home.

2. Paint Is Your Friend

We recognize this is easier said than done, but if selling your home is a priority this year, painting should be high on your list of to-do's. If a buyer is judging your home based on outward appearance alone, you'll want their first impression to be a good one, so paint away!

3. LIGHTen Up

No matter if the sun is up or down, your home should always be seen and look GOOD. Stylish lighting around your front door will produce a welcoming radiance, as will lighting that outlines your sidewalk or illuminates the front of your house. And here's a bonus tidbit: if your driveway is well lit, it will appear larger... and will be safer too!

4. Add Some Metal Glam 

An easy way to tell the world that your house is a home and not just a piece of property is by accenting it with a clean-cut metal mailbox. Whether it's out by the road or hanging beside the metal numbers mounted by the front door, the mailbox should act as eye candy and not an eye sore. 

5. Plant Flowers For A Powerful Pop

Take advantage of the freshly sprung spring season to plant some of Mother Nature's finest color creations, flowers. Plant them in a front garden or natural area, or add them to colorful pottery planters to flank either your porch steps or front door. By ensuring the good health of your plants, you're creating the desired curb appeal and telling onlookers that this home is cared for, both inside and out.

6. Clean Up...Everywhere

Another way to exclaim "This house is well maintained!" is to do just that. If you keep cracks in walls and walkways repaired, plants trim, yard neatly manicured, and front porch and railing paint touched up, your home will look - and feel - brand new. 

7. A Hint Of Whimsy Makes A Lasting Impression

We're not suggesting you ambush your yard with garden gnomes of varying sizes, but it never hurts to add a little something that's warm and welcoming to your garden or front porch. Guests (and buyers!) will pick up on the amiable spirit of your home before they even enter, and that's a lasting impression worth creating.

8. Be Bold, Add Color

If you've always avoided color for the outside of your home, it's time to go bold with your color scheme. Why? For a boost in curb appeal (which is always a plus), and to make your home memorable (which is especially helpful if you're wanting to sell). There's no one way to implement color. It can be as simple as a front door, plants/planters, or even porch furniture with colored cushions. These small pops of color can mean the difference between memorable and forgotten (which means everything to a seller).

So with these great tips, go and be creative! 

For more ideas on how to spruce up your home's curb appeal, contact Masha Halpern & The Smart Move Team. Our methods are tried and true when it comes to preparing a home for market. Our track record speaks for itself!

Information contained within this blog is based on the article "Creating Irresistible Curb Appeal in 8 Easy Steps" by Amy Wax.



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