I recently read an informative article from Kiplinger.com by Stacy Rapacon about changing your name and this is what she shared:

If you are getting married or have been married and are getting divorced, we all know what a pain it is to change your name. Paperwork and more paperwork! "You need to change your Social Security Card, get certified copies of your marriage certificate or divorce decree, change the name on your passport, voter registration card, as well as some professional licenses. Those are the most important ones however you also need to make changes with your employer's benefits office, clients, vendors, U.S. Post Office, banks, lenders, brokerages, utility providers, insurers, doctors' offices, family, friends, social network sites.

At www.MissNowMrs.com and www.GetYourNameBack.com, name-change packages provide you with all the necessary government forms and notification letters. You answer some questions once, and all of the documents auto-fill with your information. The services (each costs $30) also include detailed instructions for filing each form."

After a divorce, once you've registered your new identity, be sure your finances are no longer joint. Open individual accounts under your new name, including credit cards.

I just moved. I wish it were that easy changing my mailing address!