The real estate market is picking up but how do you differentiate your home from all the other listings out there?

Kitchen View 2 - showcases beautiful hand-rubbed cherry cabinetry.

I have had many of my seller clients prepare "Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Our Home" Lists. It can also help if a seller writes a "Seller Love Letter". Both express the love the seller's family has had for the home and explain the facts and events behind their feelings.

Buyers like to hear about sweet, fond family memories about a property, which is better than a home filled with tragic stories or sadness regarding a short sale or foreclosure.

Other good ideas to include in these lists/letters are:

1)Favorite neighborhood restaurants, dry cleaners, house cleaners, landscapers, carpet cleaners.  

2)Local dog parks, playgrounds, running trails, yoga studios, health clubs, libraries, bookstores, museums and other recreational activities.

3)History of upgrades, a landscape plan.

4)Neighborhood activities, listservs.

In such a competitive market, it's always a good selling point to share happy memories and logistical information. Buyers sometimes get weary of dealing with bank sellers or stressful short-sale situations.

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