The Fall Season is Upon Us! If you're like me, the Change of Seasons in North Carolina is like a beautiful painting of colors splashing around your world. It's nature's way of gifting you for making it through the hot summer.  Each day brings a smile to your face....Leaves will be changing color, I'll pull out my sweaters and a few hats, and as I wait for Fall to really show up in all it's beautiful North  Carolina Fall vibrancy. I'll sit down with a cup of soup and make my Honey-Do List of House Maintenance.

It's necessary with the busy life we have to plan ahead for certain annual house chores but especially so for the ones I need to rely on a specialist like my fireplace and chimney contractor or inspector. With winter coming after local "chimney sweeps" get booked early. Calling now and arranging for an inspection of your fireplace is crucial, especially if it's a gas log fireplace.

 Gas log fireplaces are convenient, not messy, easy to turn on and off with a push of the pilot light at the beginning of the season and a flip of a switch or push of a remote button!


  •  The pilot light won't stay on.
  •  It worked at the end of last season, but not it won't start
  •  The Flame goes off all of a sudden
  •  There is a gas smell
  •  The logs take a long time to start


There are even some upgrades that you may want or need to do to help maintain your gas log fireplace.


  • The logs can get worn out/ ugly looking
  • Gas logs should be replaced when they become inefficient, smell, or produce cold air drafts

A thorough inspection of your gas log fireplace should include the items below and more.

Ask your NFI Certified gas specialist for what is considered a proper annual inspection of your gas log system. The following are some of what you could expect:

  • Clean and remove soot, debris, and dust.
  • Glass doors should be cleaned
  • Pilot tubes blown out
  • Diagnose the critical parts to ensure proper function
  • Change batteries in remotes
  • Confirm CO Detectors are working properly.


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