The United States is #1 in trash producing countries, producing about 1,609 pounds of trash per person per year. However, by reducing, reusing, and recycling  materials at home and throughout our communities we can make a difference by reducing waste in our homes. There are many things you can do to help, check out the below tips and start today!


• Stop junk mail by removing your name
• Purchase durable long lasting goods
• Stop delivery of unwanted newspapers and donate old magazines
• Use your own shopping bags when visiting the supermarket
• Take a packed lunch to work or school in a reusable plastic container 


• Reuse plastic shopping
• Buy rechargeable items instead of disposable ones e.g. batteries and cameras
• Buy things in refillable containers
• Buy concentrated products which use less packaging


• Choose products in packaging which you know can be recycled
• Contact your home trash collection service's recycling program. Most cities offer a free curbside service that makes it convenient to recycle!
• Place recycling bins next to your garbage can. This will make it easier to recycle if you have all waste containers in the same area.
• Designate separate bins for plastic and newspapers. Recycling a four-foot stack of newspapers saves the equivalent of one 40-foot fir tree.
• Buy products made from recycled materials. Most supermarkets now stock a wide range of these items, click here for some examples and to learn more.
• Locate your nearest recycling facilities are by clicking here