Everywhere you turn today you will hear something or someone talk about going 'green'. While it may appear to be the buzz word of the time, many people serioulsy care about being environmentally conscious.  There are many things you can do today to do your part and now you can even help the environment when moving into your new home! There are many companies that now market services that will help you do just that.  These companies promote everything from bio-diesel to recycling packing materials.  

Bio-Diesel is one way you can be assured that the company that is helping you move is doing it with an eye on that carbon footprint.  Bio-Diesel is a renewable resource created by splitting vegetable oils into methyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin (a valuable by product usually sold to be used in soaps and other products).    Companies like Green Moving promote the advantages to Bio-Diesel and use it exclusively in their trucks.

Aside from Biodiesel, how else can you green your move?   Instead of buying new boxes try using boxes that you can obtain from different stores-and the best part is they are free!  Another top, use green cleaning products when doing clean up and recycling items rather than discarding the things that aren’t going to move with you.

While boxes can be recycled; what about packing peanuts and the likes?  Wait!  Before you fill your boxes of precious fragile items with Styrofoam peanuts, check out your local Uhaul.  A number of moving companies now carry biodegradable packing supplies.  These foamy-looking puffs are made of cornstarch or other starches that start breaking down when they get good and wet!

There are other things you can do yourself to go green.  Rather than wrapping everything in bubble wrap, try newspaper and then recycle it when you get to your destination.  Use blankets and towels that you are going to be packing anyway, to protect fragile items.  This way they both get packed and still save a tree or two.  Not to mention less plastic in a landfill somewhere.  Good luck on your move and Go Green!