Statue of St. Joseph infront of a for sale house

For many years, regardless of religion, St. Joseph has become the patron saint of real estate. After reading a Zillow Blog about this statue and after burying a St. Joseph statue in front of my home, I thought I would share the contents of the blog and the St. Joseph tradition with you.

We all know that some listings take longer than others to sell. Sometimes we stage the home, we take new and brighter photos for marketing, we remove clutter, and sometimes we reduce the price. And when all else fails...we leave the rest to a St. Joseph Statue!

The tradition has been going on for at least several hundred years. One tale suggested that nuns during the Middle Ages buried a St. Joseph medal and asked the saint to help them find land for a convent. Some believe German carpenters started the tradition centuries later by burying St. Joseph statues in the foundations of the homes they built.

All I know is my house is under contract and St. Joseph has been situated peacefully in my yard since the day it was listed.

If you are looking to sell your home, give us a call. We have a St. Joseph Statue ready and waiting!