A mild winter and a stronger job market have helped boost sales ahead of the Spring buying season but
overpricing your home can cost you in the Triangle! The past two months made up the best winter for sales of previously occupied homes in five years, when the housing crisis began. Sales are heading in the upward direction but they still remain below what housing specialists equate with a healthy market. However, if the trends continue, 2012 should be a good year for buyers and sellers!
The supply of homes fell in January to its lowest level in seven years. That is good news. A lower supply helps push prices up however if your home is overpriced, that can cost you. If you don't price your home right initially, you're going to end up with less in your pocket in the long run. We have seen many homeowners think their home is special and unique and say they can't take a loss on their investment. That may be true, but no matter how special your home is, if the competition is offering their home at a lower price, buyers will choose the home for the best price. While other homes are selling, you continue to pay real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance costs on a monthly basis because your house remains on the market.
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