The start of a new school year means an endless bombardment of homework sheets, permission slips, school flyers, and art projects. And with backpacks, gym bags, lunch boxes, and library books it’s hard to maintain order. Keep your home organized and decluttered this back-to-school season with these helpful tips!

A Paperwork System

Creating a system for the influx of paper is not only a great way to stay organized and get things accomplished, it also can be a way for kids to learn important skills and responsibilities. One good option is an open file box, which allows for easy access, labeling, and color coding. Three-ring binders are also great because tabs can be used for different subjects/categories and dividers with pockets can store smaller items that you don’t want to hole punch. Looking for more ways to organize your papers? Check out this article for more creative ideas!

Master Schedule/Calendar

Between back-to-school nights, parent conferences, sports practices, and more, it’s nearly impossible to keep the whole family’s appointments and activities in your head. That’s why keeping a master schedule or calendar in a convenient place like on the refrigerator door or in a high-traffic hallway will make everything go more smoothly. It helps to use different color markers for each family member and stickers/pictures for children too young to read. For more inspiration, explore this blog.

The Homework Zone

Finding the right time and place for homework is key to your child’s academic success. Will homework be the first thing they do when they get home from school or do they need time to play and unwind before starting? When choosing a place in your home consider the conditions your child will thrive best under. A kitchen table is great spot to sit down and focus while still having family nearby when assistance is needed. A bedroom desk is better for those who prefer limited distractions. Just make sure there is good lighting available and homework tools like pencils, erasers, highlighters, glue sticks, and scissors easily accessible!

Art Work

It’s inevitable that your kids will bring home their school work, projects, and art from school. So it’s up to you to decide, whether you want to display it, store it, or toss it. Check out this article for creative ways to showcase your child’s artwork!

Assigning Places

The first thing kids should do when they get home is empty backpacks, lunch boxes, and gym bags. Consider mounting backpacks on hooks and assigning a specific hook or space for each child. This way when you’re rushing out the door to make the bus, they’ll know exactly where their backpack and jacket is. Not only will their items stay off the floor and not be misplaced, everyone will be getting a head start on the next day. Installing a bench or seat with storage is also great for putting dirty shoes, umbrellas, and cold weather accessories.

Staying organized is within reach, just follow these helpful tips!