It’s that time of year again when the ring of the school bell begins again.  Sharpen your pencils and get ready to go!!!  However, before you do, you might want to check out these  resources to help you get ready to go back.

  • If you are new to the area or just in need of information on the schools in your area visit Great Schools. It is a valuable resource for parents with children in grades K-12.
  • Update your child’s emergency ID kit.  The next time you are at a community festival or expo and you walk by a booth with your local law enforcement agency offering child identification kits, take the time to do one for your child.  If you haven’t seen one you can do the following: to inquire about a child identification kit check with your local Sheriff's Office or contact the local crime stoppers.
  •  Hit the local Back to School sales.  While you may be able to salvage last years backpack, without a doubt, you will end up needing supplies.  Target and Wal-Mart are both displaying the supply list for local schools. 
  • Schedule your child’s back to school physical, dental appointment and eye exam.  It’s better to start back with that out of the way and not have to juggle those with the other things that also begin with the school year.

This time of the year is a hectic time, but with a little help you will be ready when that bell rings.  Get your family ready for back to school, then take time to enjoy the last few golden days of summer.