Weather alert for those living in North Carolina's Triangle area: temperatures are predicted to be FREEZING COLD today through Friday, January 9!

Temperatures are about to reach a startling low of 10 degrees tonight in Chapel Hill, and tomorrow's high is only 27. The question is, are you ready for it?

Here's some tips to help winterize your home (and hopefully keep hiring a repairman off your list of to-do's).

  • Have your heating system checked by a certified professional
  • Pipes that are located on an outside wall, attic or crawl space are most susceptible to freezing and bursting. To help prevent this from happening apply pipe insulation or heat tape (and if you don't have either of these, turn the water on a slow drip).
  • Clear out leaves and debris from your gutters. If debris builds up to the height of the shingle line, moisture can form on the fascia boards and thus create havoc in the form of ice dams, dry rot and leakage inside your home. 
  • If applicable, clear driveway, walkways and steps of ice and snow. Help prevent unnecessary accidents!
  • Have tree limbs trimmed that pose a threat to falling on your home, fences, outbuildings, or cars.
  • Winterize swimming pools. 

Here's some bonus tips for preparing your vehicle for freezing weather!

  • In addition to regular maintenance checks, make sure your coolant is the right consistency and is a kind recommended by your car's manufacturer.
  • Before traveling, clear ice and/or snow from windshield, side mirrors and rear window. 
  • Have the windshield washer fluid filled.
  • Keep the gas tank full to help prevent gas lines from freezing.
  • Look for wear and tear on your tires and make sure your tire pressure meets manufacturer's standards.
  • Use the oil for winter as recommended by the owner's manual.

Be safe and stay warm!



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