Last week we talked about the importance of using a Broker to help you with the financial aspects of selling or purchasing a home - you’re largest investment. If you missed it, check it out here.

What can fly without wings?  That’s right, time - our most fleeting commodity! This week we’ll be discuss how having a good real estate team in your back pocket will free up your time from real estate matters that would take you away from your work, family and regular activities and more importantly how hiring Masha to help you locate and secure a home to buy, or prepare your home for sale, can save you an enormous amount of time. As we all know time often translates into money in the end too. Here’s how:

Masha will invest her time, experience,knowledge & network in you. From your first call to your initial buyer consultation meeting Masha will discuss the home buying  & selling processes, listen to your needs, goals and timeframe and ask you questions designed to help you think about your next move. She will then create a strategic plan for how to best accomplish your goals that will be based on her experience, knowledge of the market, and use her networks of allied resources to accomplish them with you.

Searching Power

We’ve all been there - we start a simple search for something on the internet and then without noticing it we look up and an hour or two have flown by. One search led to a link, which led to another link, and so on. There’s so much to sift through it’s getting harder to know what’s relevant to your needs.


Brokers have not only the power to do the searching for you, but they are more efficient & effective with the searching!  Brokers have many strong connections via Multiple List services, networking groups with other realtors, and their own clients. They also know how to narrow down a search and spend the time to weed out any homes that don’t fit your needs. At the same time, Masha can provide references for some of the areas best lending,inspection,insurance and legal resources so that you can get a head start on positioning yourself as the best home buyer and beat out competitors who may be wanting to buy the house you love! A big time saver and  a huge advantage for Masha’s buyer clients offer to position them to a home seller as “The Most Qualified” buyer for their home.

If you are getting ready to sell your home Timing is very important. Hiring a Realtor that offers a concierge support team, like Masha’s Boutique Real Estate Group ,can often be the difference between selling your home, selling your home swiftly and at THE best market price avoiding excessive spending on unnecessary updates and large price reductions, or not selling your home at all. Being able to access the timing of when to sell your home, and manage potential updates and maintenance that may be needed before going on the market and during the Due Diligence period is critical to time saving. How many times have we seen homes on the market that have outdated appliances or need new paint and wondered by they have not sold? Having a Realtor that brings decades of knowledge on trends and what to investment to maximize both your dollar and market value with a network of trusted A+ allied resources is so important.


Access to Houses

On both the selling and buying side, access to homes is very important. For buyers this means the ability to view homes easily and getting in the door as quickly as possible. The housing market is limited and you will want a Realtor who is constantly watching both the MLS , other Real Estate websites, and knows the private market inventory as well as the off market possibilities that can arrange showing tours for you to select your next home with confidence.  Home sellers want an organized, secure approach to managing home showing appointments and you get a secure system with Masha Halpern Boutique Real Estate Group that confirms each showing agent, limits their time to keep the inconvenience of showings to a minimum, and tracks both who enters/exits the home and provides prompt feedback.


Paperwork & Deadlines

Technology has done a lot to reduce the ‘real’ paper count in a home purchase or sale transaction but it hasn’t removed the need for documents themselves. There are many important legal documents designed to protect both buyer and seller interests and because Masha has over 26 years of experience in the local Durham, Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Hillsborough markets and emerges herself in continuing education to stay ahead of the changes, Masha has positioned herself to be the greatest asset to her clients as they navigate the process of buying and selling real estate.


At each step of the way Masha will guide you through the process you are about to go through. At the initial consultations she will review the entire process and at each step remind you of what is coming up next while staying on top of important time constraints and contractual deadlines.Taking on the project management from listing/searching to contract to close, our team manages all of the deadlines & documents for you. We’ll keep you informed of the next steps and set-up all the important appointments, such as inspections & settlement. We’ll even meet the, cleaners, stagers, inspectors, photographers, contractors, and other service providers.

Service Providers

And speaking of service providers, you can save  time on searching for recommendations. We know just who to call for all things related to homes, home sales and getting settled in your new home! You’ll need an attorney for closing, a variety of  inspectors for everything from bugs to bolts, a surveyor, an insurance agent, perhaps a contractor or two for repairs. Let us suggest our vetted, professional contractors- They are our trusted partners and they put our client’s needs first.  Each one has been personally vetted by Masha to deliver 100 % of the time. We have actual experience with them on our own homes and therefore feel comfortable referring them to our clients. If you need something painted, a plumbing repair, trying to manage a drainage issue, or want to add a bathroom to your home- anything smaller, larger or in-between, please call us for a name of someone trustworthy and responsible.

Don’t let your time fly away. Put the power of a knowledgeable Broker like Masha Halpern  in your corner to keep your time your own. To learn more about all of the services Masha & The Boutique Real Estate Group can provide you with, visit our Buyer and Seller pages on our website.


Next up, Part 3: Expertise