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Here is another way of looking at and understanding 'how' changes in property ownership laws could effect you. This information is also available and gathered by the National Association of Realtors. Here are some of the important information my clients, and you , will want to to keep handy when you buy and  when you sell property:

Mortgage cancelation relief is extended until January 1st, 2014.  This is for people doing short sales and not wanting to be taxed on the amount shorted to the bank.

Deductions for mortgage insurance premiums for filers making under $110,000 is extended through 2013 and is retroactive for 2012.

Effecting every homeowner is the energy efficiency tax credit of 10%. The total for this credit is $500 and  was extended through 2013 for improvements- but ONLY to EXISTING homes.

Capital Gains Rate: The C.G.R.  will stay at 15% for those making under $400,000/$450,000  After that tax rate will now be  20%.  The $250,000/$500,000 exclusion for the sale of a single family residence stays in place.

Estate Tax:  The first $5 million in individual estates and $10 million in family estates are now exempt from estate taxes.  After that the rate is 40%.

The market here in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham has improved significantly. Homes are selling faster and in some cases, seeing multiple offers. Having a great negotiator is important now, more than ever, in a real estate sale! My team, and as a result, my clients, have  been so successful because of this and  we had a GREAT year helping our clients find new homes!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Chapel HIll, NC or Durham, NC please contact me at or 919-414-0337, or


Masha is a certified member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, participates in its annual Leaders in Luxury Conference, and works with The Institute’s thousands of members worldwide to share information about current listings. Masha is also a certified certified member of Keller Williams Luxury International and is also a member of Cyber Stars International – Top Realtors Using Technology – a group dedicated to taking the best and latest technological advances and applying them to real estate advertising and marketing. Masha Halpern can be contacted for a private consultation by calling 919-414-0337 or by visiting




How the DC Deal Will Affect Your Taxes

by Masha Halpern

With political drama over the "Fiscal Cliff" over for now, home owners should know that several key tax provisions have been left in place. Mortgage interest deductions and mortgage debt forgiveness provisions remain in effect. In addition, you can continue to deduct the amount you pay for private mortgage insurance and take the energy efficiency tax deduction. These could have a big impact on any decision you make to buy or sell this year. Let's take a look at some specifics.

  • The mortgage interest tax deduction has long been a significant reason for people to buy instead of rent. Although there had been some talk about the mortgage interest tax deduction, it was never seriously in trouble.
  • Homeowners in trouble and considering a short-sale will still be able to tax advantage of the won't have to pay taxes on the difference between the principal they owe and the amount the lender accepts. That makes short-sales much more attractive to owners.
  • The Washington deal also reinstated a deduction that lapsed a year ago for people who pay for personal mortgage insurance, which is often required for borrowers who make less than a 20% down payment. The result of the tax credit will save some borrowers hundreds of dollars.
  • The non-business energy property tax credit offers up to $500 off your taxes if you make energy-efficient improvements. Retroactive to January 1st, 2012, it means you can use it on projects you do this year or did last year. There are a variety of restrictions and caveats, which you can read about in this article.

Taken all together, Real Estate experts expect the provisions will help the growing housing market continue to improve in 2013. That's good news if you're in the market. Call me at 919-851-1780 and we can work together to get you the best deal possible in the coming year.

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