Kitchen design for 2014 may have you a little shocked and surprised as once popular trends start to make their way out. If you're in the beginning stages of remodeling your kitchen, take a quick peak at what experts say are "Do's" and "Don'ts" this year.

Solid-Surface Countertops - Do

According to Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc., synthetic materials are becoming highly attractive to homeowners because they, unlike granite, are durable and have a guaranteed beautiful finish. Solid-surface counters offer multiple color options and have several thicknesses to choose from. CaesarStone and Zodiaq are among the popular choices.

Granite Countertops - Don't

There's no denying granite makes a beautiful countertop, so why is it going out of style? Because it's EXPENSIVE and UNRELIABLE. Granite is unreliable in two senses: 1) It can chip easily, so it's not great for everyday wear and tear... particularly if you have kids. 2) Granite's overall cohesive look is unpredictable. Two slabs may be the exact same, but a third could have unwanted pink lines running through them. There's no such thing as control when you're dealing with natural materials.

Open Cabinets - Do

Open shelves and glass-front cabinets are all the rage these days. This is due to changes in lifestyle; kitchens are now a hangout spot and place for entertaining. Homeowners want their kitchens to be just as decorative as the rest of the house, and open shelves and glass-front cabinets allow for handsome arrangement of china and dishes.

Closed Cabinets - Don't

Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors in Nashville says that closed cabinets are desired less and less these days because they do not mix well with the "open entertaining" feel many homeowners are trying to achieve. Furthermore, Beckwith mentions closed cabinets cut off your line of sight. She says, "People now want the sightline and above to be more decorative and homelike than typical kitchens with upper boxes around the room." 

Wood-Stained Cabinetry - Do

Let's face it, kitchens take a lot of beating - cabinetry included - which means homeowners are looking to stick with something that can handle the rough treatment. John Willey of Willey Design LLC points out that cabinets with a wood-stain finish are very forgiving and are "still protected by a top coat of polyurethane." He goes on to say "salvaged wood is very of the moment. It brings that character and romance that you don't get with other materials."

Lacquered Cabinetry - Don't

Willey comes down hard on lacquered cabinetry because it simply is not durable. It may look good for a time, "...but once you have one ding, you have to replace the whole cabinet door." We're not exactly talking cheap or sensible here.

Light-Colored Floors - Do ... Dark Floors - Don't

Dark floors are a thing of the past (more specifically the 1990s). Willey says the reason more of his clients are choosing lighter flooring now is because many "people are realizing it [dark wood] can show more scratches and dust than a pale wood." He goes on to say, "Homeowners with children can scratch up their floor more easily, but a paler wood can help disguise a lot of that."


Information contained within this blog is based on the article "What's In, What's Out for Kitchens in 2014" by Catherine Sherman, Zillow.



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