I've got some good news for Luxury Home Sales in Durham and Raleigh! As we head in to a new year we are seeing our home sale prices INCREASE in the Raleigh Durham NC Real Estate Market!


Nationally speaking, we have always been more conservatively priced than other areas, and that seems to be what kept us from really dropping so far in the first place. Here is a graph to show how we stack up against other markets around the country:



Locally, our numbers are stable ( or even a bit flat ) as compared to previous months. You can see in this graph that the last ninety days has been relatively  flat (not atypical in the fourth quarter of a year though).




Local home owners contact me to check on their specific market value regularly since this figure rolls with the times. I am always happy to review relevant home sales with you, or someone you know, who is getting ready to buy or move.  I am one of a select few Brokers  designated as a Member of the Luxury Home Marketing Institute; which makes me uniquely qualified to assist with the special needs of clients purchasing luxury homes! Please contact me when I can be of service.